ZeroSwapNFT: Our milestones, facing challenges and looking to the future

3 min readJun 12, 2023


Since we were born a year ago, ZeroSwapNFT has been in constant evolution. This has been a journey marked by significant achievements, unique challenges, and a constant vision towards the future. Today, we want to share this journey with all of you.

The idea of ZeroSwapNFT: It all began with a frustrating experience: the high fees we faced during a simple cryptocurrency swap. This experience ignited the spark of what would become ZeroSwapNFT, a DEX designed to be the exchange of the people, seeking to eliminate fees and empower NFT owners by giving them the profits of the DEX.

The prototypes of ZeroSwapNFT: Over a year, we focused on the creation of several prototypes, each built with the vision of absence of fees and empowering NFT owners by giving them the DEX’s profits. Through trial and error, and overcoming numerous technical and conceptual challenges, we managed to distill our ideas and build an efficient DEX aligned with our vision.

Launch of the ZeroSwapNFT website: Just a couple of months ago, we launched our website. At that time, the DEX was still in development and we had not yet implemented it on the test network. However, this marked a milestone in our visibility and online presence.

Creation of social networks: With the launch of the website, we embarked on building a strong presence on social media. We created accounts on Twitter, Discord, and Medium to keep our growing community updated on our progress and to promote our vision.

KYC with Auditone: Trust is a fundamental pillar in any cryptocurrency project. To reinforce ours, we passed a KYC with Auditone, a leading company in IOTA audits, guaranteeing our legitimacy and commitment to security and transparency.

Creation of the NFT collection: In an exciting collaboration with NebulaTangle, we created our NFT collections, the Genesis, the Standard and the ZeroNebula. The latter collection marks the beginning of our adventure in the metaverse, with more details to be revealed in the future.

Implementation of ZeroSwapNFT on Testnet: After our initial NFT sale, we were able to accelerate the development and implementation of our DEX on the Shimmer EVM Testnet. At this point, we faced a significant challenge when we were disqualified from Shimmer’s Treasures due to a bot attack. This experience was disheartening and created uncertainty within our community. But this challenge only strengthened us and reaffirmed our determination to move forward.

Development of Innovative Modules: Recently, we completed the development of three revolutionary modules that comprise our MVP (Minimum Viable Product): NFT Staking, Fee Sharing, and Fee Reward. These modules empower users to stake their NFTs, share the DEX’s profits, and recoup fee expenses (ZERO Fees). This decentralized approach places control squarely in users’ hands, letting them directly benefit from the DEX’s success.

Test our Updates: We invite you to try these innovative features of our DEX at To get started, request a test NFT on our Discord.

Looking to the Future:

Despite the challenges we’ve faced, we are incredibly excited about the future of ZeroSwapNFT. We continue to work hard to deliver our vision and improve every day. Stay tuned for upcoming news and remember to request test NFTs on our Discord as we continue to roll out new features.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone in our community for their ongoing support. Let’s continue building and growing together!

With love, The ZeroSwapNFT Team 🚀



ZeroSwapNFT is a unique and exciting project offering exclusive and limited NFTs that allow it's owners to pay 0 fees per swap among others benefits.