ZeroSwapNFT Updates: New Improvements and Content Available

2 min readApr 3, 2023


Hello ZeroSwapNFT community! We are excited to share some recent updates on our platform. We’ve been working hard to improve the user experience and expand our online presence. Here’s a summary of the latest updates:

1. Website Improvements

We’ve made improvements to our website to provide a smoother and more attractive user experience. Visit to see the updates and browse the enhanced content.

2. Whitepaper, Tokenomics, and Roadmap

We’ve published our Whitepaper, which includes the Tokenomics design for the future ZeroSwapNFT token (ZERO) and our updated Roadmap with the latest advancements and short and long-term goals. Visit our Medium page to read the full document and learn more about our vision and objectives: [Link to Whitepaper]

3. Crew3 Community

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve created our community on Crew3, where there will be a series of activities and events where you can win Standard NFTs and ZERO token airdrops! The community missions will begin on Thursday, April 6th at 18:00 UTC+02:00, join now to be the first to participate in our missions: [Link to Crew3]

4. YouTube Channel

We’ve launched our official YouTube channel! Here you’ll find promotional videos, tutorials, and more content related to ZeroSwapNFT. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications to stay up to date with the latest news: [Link to YouTube Channel]

5. Discord Server

We’ve created a Discord server to be closer to our community and maintain fluid communication. Join our Discord server and be part of the conversation! [Link to Discord]

Thank you for being part of our growing community! We are excited about what’s to come and look forward to evolving together with you. Stay tuned for more updates!

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ZeroSwapNFT is a unique and exciting project offering exclusive and limited NFTs that allow it's owners to pay 0 fees per swap among others benefits.